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Gift voucher 2000 CZK

Gift voucher 2000 CZK

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Having a difficulty finding the right present? Our gift voucher will solve it for you!

Gift voucher is valid for any purchase at www.mypouch.cz, it can be used for any article available. Simply choose your product, add to your cart and in the next step enter your discount code. The price for the article will be lowered by the amount stated on the voucher.

Gift voucher will be delivered into your e-mail in electronic format and you can print it.

Terms of use:

  1. The amount stated on the voucher will be subtracted from your purchase at e-shop www.mypouch.cz.
  3. Voucher cannot be exchanged for money. Voucher can be used just for one purchase.
  4. In case the items purchased via voucher do not fit and need to be returned, we transfer money back to your account.
  5. Voucher is valid for one year, after that it cannot be used anymore. Voucher is valid from 18th December 2020. Voucher cannot be combined with other special discounts.
  6. Voucher can only be used for purchases at www.mypouch.cz.
  7. By purchasing the voucher and receiving unique code you agree to our conditions of use.
  8. After purchasing items via the voucher it becomes invalid.